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Little bit about us...

     If you get to ask a Greek what is his second favorite dish from back home, you will have the same answer: the Souvlaki wrap! Why the second favorite? Because nothing can beat Yia Yia's stuffed pitas. And this is why we decided to open our authentic Souvlaki place. Driven by the desire to deliver the best Souvlaki abroad, we are happy to introduce our products and ourselves to the welcoming London public.


     So who are we? We are two Greeks passionate about our culture and the warmth that comes with it, crazy about Greek food...rectification, nuts about GOOD Greek food! And this is what we are doing: the very best Souvlaki that London has to offer. When we first decided to open our food stall, it was from the desire to serve Londoners with high-quality, sustainable, simply scrumptious street food at reasonable prices. So since February 2018, we've been known as the one place you need to be to get your belly full during lunch hours.

     We've worked hard to find that something that will make us stand out from the crowd, to bring the uniqueness that will appeal to everyone. And, in our humble opinion, we succeeded, as innovation is not just about brand new ideas, but also about how you take an existing product and make it exponentially better using the existing resources you have. The Authentic Souvlaki is what happens when proud food enthusiasts get together and decide to share their passion with the world. Everything is made fresh and ready to take on the go at your convenience. Simply like that, we are bringing an authentic twist on the authentic Greek cuisine. And we don't expect you to trust our word, our aim is to make you experience it. Find us at one of our locations and see what we're all about!

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