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A Mouthwatering How To...

Updated: May 21, 2020

We are all looking forward to July, when we'll be able to fire up our grills anew and welcome you all, our beloved foodies, on our premises. We appreciate that it's been a while since you last had your freshly cooked, absolutely scrumptious souvlaki and you might even forget how to eat it thus we decided to talk about souvlaki eating etiquette - SOUVLETIQUETTE.

Souvlaki is a street food, which means it is usually consumed – spoiler alert!– on the street. This may be a food of the masses, but there is still so much etiquette involved in eating it. So get ready for a in-dept souvlaki eating lesson.

Where to eat a souvlaki is very important. Look for a place that is busy with a large number of customers (so you can observe the eating habits of the regulars). Decide if you want to sit and eat or take your souvlaki away. Try to avoid eating souvlaki on a public transport or in any other confined space with strangers. Remember: Souvlakia are like children: spotless if they’re yours, less adorable if they are somebody else's.

When ordering, feel free to ask for extra salt, chilli flakes (kaftero piperi) even a little extra tzatziki, because souvlaki is meant to make you happy. Get your order straight in your head before it’s your turn if it’s busy and be considerate of others while ordering. You shouldn't suddenly remember you didn’t want onions in it after your souvlaki is wrapped tight as a newborn. It’s too late!

It is also very important not to ask for lamb or halal souvlaki! An authentic Greek place won’t have it. Pork or chicken only (or Talagani - the cheese option).

If you’re on a date or just want to avoid garlic breath ask for the alternative sauce (the authentic) instead of tzatziki. It adds as much flavor to your souvlaki just without the added garlic.

When you’re ready to eat, note which is the widest end, and position it with that end pointing upwards. Then carefully tear the paper and/or foil in a spiral from that top part only, holding the rest firmly with several tissues at the bottom in case it leaks (it usually does). Continue to unwrap as you eat. This way the structural integrity of your wrap is maintained until the last bite, also you will enjoy all the flavours throughout your wrap.

Avoid unwrapping the whole thing at once, or holding the souvlaki sideways / upside down. Also it is considered bad tone to unwrap the whole thing on a plate and pick at it with your fork. If you order a wrap eat it with your hands, or not at all.

That said… if you order a box, merida, you will get a massive portion of all the elements of a wrap. It is acceptable to eat this with a knife and fork – and if you finish an entire Ultimate option, you’re a hero.

While you’re eating, try to take bites that include all the ingredients at once for the full experience. And always keep plenty of tissues at hand. Don't be overambitious and end up with souvlaki face. Especially if you’re in public. Think about angles and plan your attack.

After the souvlaki, carefully wipe your mouth at either side (even the tidiest gourmets are often surprised by souvlaki residue), wash your hands and eat a breath-mint. The breath-mint is totally optional, as you can proudly wear your after souvlaki respiration should you wish so.

We hope you are already looking forward to enjoying your next souvlaki. Just keep an eye out for the updates and pop in as soon as we reopen our gazebo window.

PS: We can't wait to see you soon, our beloved Greek food lovers!

Kali Orexi!

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