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Our 2024 New Year Resolution

Updated: Mar 14

Yassas, our beloved Greek food lovers and aficionados!

Firstly, we wish you all a very Happy Yummy-In-Your-Tummy New Year!

We missed you dearly, but we have a damn good excuse for going radio silent for so long... We were busy grilling, chopping, wrapping, and serving (things we are good at and grateful for)... Nonetheless, over the Christmas break we put aside our aprons and picked up the pen 🖊️(you'll be the judges whether it was worth it).

As some of you loyal readers remember, back in 2021 we vowed to feed you some delicious articles.

Here's a reminder. We revealed the top 10 questions we were asked about and proceeded to answer them one by one.

1. So, that's like a kebab, right? (Spoiler alert: kebab originated from the Greek souvlaki!) - A look into the SOUVLA-history can be found here.

2. Well, if you're authentic Greek, where is the lamb? - What meat is authentic Greek was revealed in our post here.

3. How do you pronounce it? (Not sLovaki from Slovakia!!!) - Mind Your Language or Do You Do Greek was unveiled here.

4. Why do you put #tzatziki on bread or Do you do ketchup or Why don't you have hummus? - Calling Dibs on the Dips was posted here.

5. How on earth am I supposed to eat ALL of this? - A Mouthwatering How To was unfolded here.

And somewhere along the way we got all wrapped up (pun intended) in serving food and pushed aside the dreams of becoming renowned food writers...

Anyway, in the weeks to come we will spill the tea about some unspoken truths that were yet to see the light on our website:

6. Is souvlaki healthy?

7. Can I have something not spicy or Is that coriander?

8. Does it come with fries or Can I have the fries on a side? (Good ol' garnishes...)

9. Do you do #vegan souvlaki?

10. I never heard of it before. Is souvlaki popular? (Wait till you see just how popular!)

So, without further ado, our resolution for this year is to bring awareness to all things Greek Street Food, write more, cook more, feed more. That's why we encourage you to pop by to get some make-it-how-you-want-yummy-goodie wrap (or lunch box)!

Kali orexi!

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