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An authentic business lunch

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

What can be busier than a typical London weekday? Just a typical weekday lunchtime!

We know how difficult it is to pick a healthy, yet tasty meal which feeds both, your tummy and your mind. This is why we are coming closer to you!

Inspired by our success at Paddington Merchant Square, we decided to meet the Fenchurch locals and to introduce our New Year 's resolution: get outside and enjoy the views, meet new people!

Of course you have your deadlines and a schedule to follow... and, obviously, you could snack something randomly or order in. No doubt this would save you some precious minutes. But stop for a moment and look around. Don't you miss the boiling energy that comes from outside? Just take a deep breath, go there and join the crowd, maybe even engage in a short conversation with a perfect stranger while watching your lunch being freshly prepared in front of you. Take a bite and allow your senses to travel!

It's nothing special, no tricks or secrets involved, it is only a lunch break...

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