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Get to know your Souvlaki Box

Some say that Zeus created the Greeks and their beautiful lands only after trying souvlaki. And who would doubt this theory when this dish is the perfect combination of crunchy and fresh salads, a generous slather of sauce(s) and a handful of thick fried potatoes, pieces of either chicken or pork threaded onto the skewer and/or golden grilled halloumi, seasoned with oregano, all this with a side of lightly toasted pita?

The ancient Greeks knew that this meal was good enough for their gods and heroes and they made it the to-go solution for an everyday lunch. As we all need a bit of diversion in our lives, the wise Greeks found the perfect solution: to deconstruct the classic souvlaki! You wanna know how? Just watch the video below



If you missed the post on how to make the best souvlaki wrap, press below:


And as you know, better to taste it a thousand times than to read about it once 😉😋 🌯, so Kali Orexi!

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