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Happy New Year!!!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

...or, to be more precise, Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Here at The Authentic Souvlaki, we reckon that the transition between the years is the best period to review our achievements and reflect over the things that went not as we planed...and to be less wordy and more worthy: is the time of the year to wrap it up and move on. So here are some of the highlights of 2019:

🌯 Established our permanent stall at the Fenchurch Street Station Market

🌯 Got introduced to the beautiful Southbank Riverside Walkway

🌯 Tasted the summer vibes at the Chatsworth Summer Fête

🌯 Rejoined our friends at Hidden River Festival (making it a tradition already)

🌯 Felt the holiday spirit at the Broadway Christmas Market

We will step into the new 2020 on a high note and this is all because of you, our beloved Geek food lovers. We thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you, for the ongoing feedback, and we promise to keep up the work we do on a daily basis and to make you experience a satisfying meal on each of your visits for the year to come.

We would like to wish all our valued customers a prosperous 2020. Thank you for choosing us all this time, for trusting our taste buds when it comes to your lunches, for being loyal. Warmest wishes for a hearty, juicy, fresh and fulfilling, best ever so far, new year to all of you!

Happy New Year!!! 🎄🕛🍾🥂

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