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Ripping the fruits of 2020 #awardwinner

Ah, #2020... What a year! A year that will stay embedded in our memories for years to come. A year that tested our boundaries, our will power, our priorities. A year that thought us that the community and the people should always come first. A challenging year that was filled with surprises: good and not so...

So, one might ask, what happened to us in 2020? Well, our beloved Greek food lovers, we entered 3 lockdowns, seized our Fenchurch market in late March, lost a quarter of our staff, got all the scheduled festivals cancelled, got involved in volunteering, got our first ever recognition in June (see the details here ), met some beautiful people at CityPoint where we traded for roughly 1 month and a half, secured 2 new stalls: at Southwark and East Dulwich, got nominated for Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020 by SME News, speaking of which...

We are delighted to be awarded to heart-warming titles:

Leading Purveyors of Casual Greek Cuisine 2020


Award for Excellence in Green Hospitality Services 2020

Since our launch, we have been nothing but a reliable and constant provider of genuine Greek flavours whilst protecting the environment. When it comes to our products, it warms our hearts to hear that you, our beloved Greek food lovers, relive your holiday experience through each and every souvlaki bite. And we couldn't achieve this without carefully selecting our partners, who advocate the same values as we do: authenticity, safety and sustainability.

We deeply believe that ones can call themselves traditional food producers only if they cherish the ecological balance. Like most of our colleagues in the Food and Beverage field, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit us in the very beginning of the season and overcoming its consequences seemed an almost impossible mission. Regardless, the past year proved to be invaluable as we managed to put in place new safety policies as well as allowing us to concentrate further on waste reduction.

Despite the Covid-19 bump, we are planning to expand our sustainability policies, so that our customers can get expertly prepared high-quality food at low prices. We hope that this will help us implement in the near future zero-waste cooking, as well as expand our menu so we can become Free-From & Vegan-friendly (and reduce the carbon footprint alongside).

As always, thank you for being the most loyal and honest critics. We appreciate you sticking with us for almost 3 years now and we are ever so grateful for you making our dream come true.

In the meantime, hit the subscribe button as we are hitting it with a series of curious posts (more details will come shortly). Kali orexi!

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