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What Makes A Souvlaki Authentic?

Updated: Mar 14

So we stepped into 2021 with the promise of a brighter year and yet another lockdown with further restrictions... Pretty promising so far, right?

Well, leaving all the whining aside (and believe me, there's been plenty!), we huddled with the team over a video chat to set goals, think positive and plan for the year ahead but, as it often happens, instead of a resolution, we went down memory lane and shared our favourite ever questions from you, our beloved #Greek food lovers. Long story short, we created a top 10 Qs and we'll try to cover them in a series of articles that should explain what makes OUR souvlaki authentic.

So let's begin by revealing the top 10, shall we?

1. So, that's like a kebab, right? (Spoiler alert: kebab originated from the Greek souvlaki!)

2. Well, if you're authentic Greek, where is the lamb?

3. How do you pronounce it? (Not sLovaki form Slovakia!!!)

4. Why do you put #tzatziki on bread or Do you do ketchup or Why don't you have hummus?

5. Is souvlaki healthy?

6. Can I have something not spicy or Is that coriander?

7. Does it come with fries or Can I have the fries on a side? (Good ol' garnishes...)

8. Do you do #vegan souvlaki?

9. I never heard of it before. Is souvlaki popular? (Wait till you see how popular!)

10. How on earth am I supposed to eat ALL of this?

I'll be frank, we had a blast. While some of these saw some giggles, others raised a waive of possible answers as a Pandora's box. Good news though, we all agreed that souvlaki is a unique street food item: simple, easy to cook, filling and full of flavour. The fewer ingredients, the better the taste!

One might argue that we tend to exaggerate when we say that #souvlaki unites #streetfood eaters around the world and has become a sort of culinary symbol, but 4000 years in the making speak for themselves and its longevity only contributes to its mythical reputation of oldest (and our opinion, the best!) street food #delicacy.

In short, we came to the same conclusion as Sam Ewig: "Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he's talking about"...and we had a whole room of those (how humble of us, innit?). We managed to put together this short list, so stay put and follow us to be among the firsts to get to know our take on souvlaki's history, etymology, authenticity and, why not, popularity.

Obviously, there are so many more questions left behind, without a doubt, so feel free to hit the comment section and throw them all at us.

And as always, Kali orexi!

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